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"It's time to work!" vs. "It's time to relax!"

Dan Niculae Dan Niculae - Executive Director Toptrips

Defining "Business"

Well, first of all, business is what you do every day, business is the reason you feel important, business is your way of life, the reason you travel, the reason you meet a lot of people, the reason you wake up early every day.
But sometimes, business is the reason you are stressed, the reason you wish to escape, something that makes all nice things to become nicer because business always keeps you far away from them. But what comes after?

Defining "After Business"

After Business is your way to relax, a way to escape, the thing that makes you say "I will never forget".
That's why you are now reading the first Romanian catalogue which creates memories.
When you travel to Romania you need to be treated well, you need to enjoy the best services, you need to feel important because you are. We have selected the best services for you and we are ready to show you the most beautiful things that you can discover in Romania.


Business is good, but you have to relax. After all, you do business for living or you live for doing business? In both cases "After Business" makes you happy because it is your main supplier for good memories. Our advice: choose a tour, call us, make the tour, take this catalogue with you, show it to all your friends, then send us your opinion about it.
Have fun!


Open Gates at The National University of Fine Arts - Third Edition

Visual Arts Symposhion

The National University of Fine Arts opens this year it's gates for the third Edition.

Now the theme it's not about space - like in the event Labyrinth - 2006, nor about time Day and Night at FINE ARTS 2005, now we consider our point of view the "frame, the sequence". Will be live: projections, fashion shows, happenings, techniques demonstrations, painting, graphics and sculpture all day, during the hole event.

We invite everybody on Calea Grivitei, no.28 , District 1, from 11.00 in the morning till late in the evening, to to visit and to take part at our event experiencing Visual Arts «on air»!
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