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Exploring the deepest sensations

It's morning. We are sleepy and we pack the bags for another experience. The sky is blue, the wind is soft, we are decided. So we check the equipment, start the engines and we are ready. The altimeter is filtering our emotions. 1000 m: bad jokes about the equipment, 2500 m: everybody is quiet, 3500 m: preparing for jump, 4000 m: the door is opening and the sky is ready to take us in his hands. Preparing for the big move..."the end". From this moment on we can not describe it anymore. The sensation is yours.
Are you ready to feel it?


  • the decision
  • the emotion
  • the fall
  • the pure adrenaline
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  • Sky Diving
  • Sky Diving
  • Sky Diving
  • Sky Diving
  • Sky Diving
  • Sky Diving


235 euro/person This price is for a minimum group of 2 persons. For individual jump please contact us.
This is only available in week-ends.

Included: transportation with car to and from the airport, 1 tandem jump with instructor , 1 DVD with the jump, VAT.


e: skydiving[at]afterbusiness[dot]ro
m: + 40 722 394677

Open Gates at The National University of Fine Arts - Third Edition

Visual Arts Symposhion

The National University of Fine Arts opens this year it's gates for the third Edition.

Now the theme it's not about space - like in the event Labyrinth - 2006, nor about time Day and Night at FINE ARTS 2005, now we consider our point of view the "frame, the sequence". Will be live: projections, fashion shows, happenings, techniques demonstrations, painting, graphics and sculpture all day, during the hole event.

We invite everybody on Calea Grivitei, no.28 , District 1, from 11.00 in the morning till late in the evening, to to visit and to take part at our event experiencing Visual Arts «on air»!
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