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Only pure mountain experience

Nature. Without the human touch. Where you can find this?
It's 2 hours drive from here.
So when you want to escape from the crowdy every day world we are here for you with a 1 day trekking in Bucegi Mountains.
...but with one condition. You must have at least a pair of trekking boots and a waterproof jacket.


  • The Caraiman Cross
  • The "Babele" Stones
  • The Omu peak
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  • Trekking
  • Trekking
  • Trekking
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130 euro/person This price is for a minimum group of 2 persons. Big discounts available for more than 2 persons. For an individual tour please contact us.
The reservations must be made with minimum 1 day before.

Included: Transportation with a luxury car, lunch, cable transportation up to 2000 m, guide, VAT.


e: trekking[at]afterbusiness[dot]ro
t: + 4 021 3112270
m: + 40 722 394677

Open Gates at The National University of Fine Arts - Third Edition

Visual Arts Symposhion

The National University of Fine Arts opens this year it's gates for the third Edition.

Now the theme it's not about space - like in the event Labyrinth - 2006, nor about time Day and Night at FINE ARTS 2005, now we consider our point of view the "frame, the sequence". Will be live: projections, fashion shows, happenings, techniques demonstrations, painting, graphics and sculpture all day, during the hole event.

We invite everybody on Calea Grivitei, no.28 , District 1, from 11.00 in the morning till late in the evening, to to visit and to take part at our event experiencing Visual Arts «on air»!
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